Title: Computer Maintenance (Maintenance + Troubleshooting)
Course Duration: Three months / 3 days per week / 1.5 hr per day.
Lecturer: Experienced electrical engineer working in the field

source site Course Description:

Introducing with basic concept and operation of computers
Acquainting with each and every hardware devices of system unit (Motherboard, Hard drives, CPU, CD-ROM drives, Floppy drive, RAM, Expansion (Interfacing) cards, Fan and Heat sink, Power supply,…)
Understanding the interaction between hardware and software of a computer
Understanding the control of the system software (BIOS, OS, AS) over the rest.
Installing, uninstalling and repairing application software.
BIOS as a software and its components.
How and why to format and partition hard drives showing all methods with the help of startup disks and bootable CDs.
Installing different operating system (Windows 98/Windows NT/Windows ME/ Windows 2000/ Windows 2002(XP)/ Windows 2007 (Vista)
Repairing operating system and copying missed operating system files.
Drivers and driver back up systems.
Troubleshooting hardware and software problems
Troubleshooting tools and techniques (beep codes, flow charts …)
Virus type and its impact on computer and how to prevent it using different types of antivirus programs (Symantec, MacAfee, AVG, Norton )
The use of system utilities such as task manager, Microsoft configuration tool, Registry editor, Group policy editor in troubleshooting many PC problems Introducing to networking and Internet
Peripheral devices (printers and scanners)
Introduction to electronics

Theory – Practical Ratio - 50% - 50% and Exam is conducted at the end of each month both theoretically and practically.

Teaching Aids

Green board and white board
Power point presentation using projector
Video class showing them all the steps of assembling and disassembling compute parts
Discussion classes (Round Table)

Accreditation: A three month diploma will be issued by the training center (Authenticated By The Ministry Of Education)

Special Remarks:

The training department is comprised of computer accessories that are recent and also outdated, showing the students the progress of the computer technology.
The training center provides the students with the basic software packages and reading materials.

Handout students are provided with a guiding material