Course Duration – 2 months /3 days per week / 1.5 hrs. Per day Lecturers - Technical school graduate with many years teaching experience and 8 years work experience in building construction.

Course Description

Introducing students with the basics of building construction, building materials, hand tools, and the general safety rules in building construction
Familiarizing students with all kinds of construction steps, types of masonry walls and how to use them,
Teaching students how to lay brick wall in the right way in different patterns, read design and showing them the basic procedures of different brick bonds.
Train students to be able to plaster and to know the main three parts of plastering.
Students will learn how to lay tile work in either conventional or staggered tiling system.


Students will be trained with all types of tools and where to use them
Trainees will practice laying bricks in English bond or Flemish bonds and their features.
Trainees will be thought how to build a strong brick wall and how to make a proper bond in horizontal and vertical joints.
Trainees will be able to mix mortars in different ratios, (cement mortar, lime mortar, cement lime mortar,) to brick wall, plastering work and tiling bed mortars.
Students will be able to lay tiles of different sizes in floors and walls.
Students will learn in a fully equipped workshop for full practical work
Several visits to work sites

Theory–Practical Ratio - 50% - 50% and Exams – offered at the end of each chapter both for theory and practical class

Teaching Aids

Green board and white board
Power point presentation using projector
Video class showing them a demonstrative guide for home tiling and plastering.
Different types of tiles, lime, bricks etc

Accreditation – A two month diploma will be issued by the training center (Authenticated By The Ministry Of Education)