Фрязино купить Амфетамин (фен) Шарья купить Мефедрон купить Лучший эйфоретик Course duration: Three months / 3 days per week / 1.5 hrs. per day
go to site Lecturer: BSC with five years of experience in the field of electronics maintenance. And technical school graduate with more than 5 years’ experience on the field.

Theory – practical ratio - 50% - 50% Exam – exam is given at the end of each month both theoretically and practically.

Teaching Aids

Green board and white board
Power point presentation using projector
Video class
Giving students assignments to present in class
Discussion classes (Round table)

Accreditation: A three month diploma is issued by the training center (authenticated by the Ministry of Education)

Handout students are provided with a guiding material.