купить Азот Лукоянов Course Description :Duties and responsibility of workers and employers regarding safety

What is hazardous work place
Магаданская область купить закладку Гашиш [AB] Occupational health and environmental control: Permissible noise exposure, Proper lighting, Adequate ventilation and Temperature and humidity

Hazardous material substances
Personal protective equipment (PPE) : Eye protection, Respiratory protection, Head protection, Hand and arm protection, Safety belts and Safety shoes

Causes of back injury
General provision on gas and electric equipment
Welding and cutting safety procedures
Welding in confined space
Machine guarding: Built in safety, Standard machinery guards, Interlocks, Wood guards, Machine guard at point of operation, Prime movers, Guard of mechanical power, foot and hand power presses, Special hand tools

Lockout tag out procedures on machine maintenance
Construction safety :Electrical, Fire protection, Protection from falling materials, Personal protective equipment, Shoring and timbering, Provision for barricading, Means of escape, Scaffolding, Lifting appliances, Brake control and safety devices, Protection of crane drives and Anchorage and load test of cranes

Fire protection and control :Segregation, Exits, Stairways, Fire doors, Storage, Centralized fire extinguisher, Portable fire extinguisher, Selection of fire extinguishers, Distribution of fire extinguisher

Flammable and combustible liquids :Tank storage, Installation of underground tanks, Fire extinguishing drills

Record keeping :General reporting requirement, Dangerous occurrence, Keeping of records, Evaluating of disability

Safe forklift operation
Safe driving operation