Course Duration: Three months / 3 days per week / 1.5 hrs. per day
follow url Minimum Requirement: 11th grade complete for the three month Lecturers: Electrical engineer with two years of teaching experience in the field and Technical school graduate with more than 13 years’ experience in the field.

Course Description:

This course deals with the methods and procedures of rewinding motors and transformers. Different winding configurations of motors and transformers are taught as an introduction. Activities such as gathering winding data, making coils, varnishing, testing are implemented in the practical laboratory activities.

Disassemble an electric motor.
Gather motor winding data.
Make motor winding coils using a pattern.
Re-insulate the winding of an electric motor.
Connect the coils of an electric motor.
Test an electric motor after rewinding.
Design a transformer.
Rewind a transformer.
Test a transformer after rewinding.

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