follow link Course duration: Three months / 3 days per week / 2 hrs. per day Minimum requirement: 10th grade complete student. Lecturer: Electrical engineer with more than two years of experience in the field of mobile repairing

Course description

Introduction to GSM mobile system>
Electronics related to SMD (surface mount devices) Soldering and de-soldering techniques
Mobile hardware sections Trouble shooting hardware problems of a mobile
Mobile software operating system (OS) Different techniques to unlock mobile phones
Music formats and loading music files to mobile phones Loading application programs to mobile phones such as antivirus, dictionary...
Flashing mobile phones and flashing files Operating unlocking box to unlock and flash mobile phones (UFS box)

Theory – Practical Ratio - 50% - 50% and Exams – are given at the end of each month both theoretically and practically.

Teaching Aids
Green board and white board Power point presentation using projector
Video class showing how to solder and de-solder effectively in a mobile board, assemble and disassemble different mobile phones Visiting to market to observe the real business world
Giving students assignments to present in class Discussion classes (Round table)

Accreditation: A three month diploma will be issued by the training center (authenticated by the Ministry of Education)

Future Extension Plan
To equip our workshop with all mobile accessories, spares, tools and enough space. To prepare a large and sophisticated laboratory for practical class

Outdoor services

Changing spares – LCD screen, Speaker, MIC, Vibrator, Battery, Keypad …etc
Repairing network problems, sound problems, power problems Unlocking and flashing mobile phones
Fixing corrupted software and setting problems Loading music to and from mobile phones using Bluetooth, cable and infrared

Special Remarks: Different kinds and models of mobile phones are provided to students to practice with. Students are privileged to repair their own mobile phones without any charge as long as they are on the course period.
Handout - students are provided with a hardware and software guiding material

It is the company’s principle that every technical training must have two teacher namely an engineer with good work experience and good teaching ethics and a technical school graduated assistant. ECPC is working with Ministry Of Education about giving four years advanced diploma on the plumbing training. Those who get the two years diploma are those who take all the above training.