ECPC started to offer house electric line installation course in the year 2005 just after 1 year of the establishment of the plumbing training. The course began with two teachers, one electrical engineer and one technical school graduate with several years of experience. The training center was dedicated to provide a professional course on house electric line installation aided with all the necessary materials and tools. The training center is totally devoted to develop the workshop in to a stage capable of providing a qualified teaching and a full stuff workshop on house electric line installation.

follow site One of the best qualities of the training center is the possession of not only a full and well equipped workshop but also a genuine way of teaching intending to make students not only to understand the course theoretically but also to be able to work on the fields with confidence. The students are free to practice any time in the workshop, can request for any technical advice regarding the course matter and if necessary, they can borrow tools to work outside the center. So ECPC has been so reliable and has given technical advice for students for the last 4 years.

Title-House Electric Line Installation Course Duration –3 months / 3 days per week / 1.5 hrs. per day, 1year / 3 days per week / 1.5 hrs. per day
Lecturers-Electrical engineer with more than four years of experience in teaching the course and a Technical school graduate with more than 10 years of experience. A Handout is provided for students throughout the course

Course Description (Theory)

Introduction to the basics of electricity, electrical materials, electrical quantities, electrical machines and the general safety rules in electricity.
All kinds of connecting electrical appliances, proper way of measuring electrical quantities, the basic electrician’s tools and how to use them.
The proper and efficient way of protecting electrical appliances, electrical tools ,some general precautions of handling them and the operation and connection of protective devices.
The different ways of connecting and controlling of a lamp or group of lamps with a single way, two way and intermediate switches accompanied by diagrams.
Reading electrical design, the basic producers in designing an electrical installation drawing, drawing a design of a simple service and villa type.
The Eritrean Electric Authority (EEA) rules.

Practical Course Description

Familiarizing students with almost all electrical accessories and tools used for electric line house installation.
All types of connections and where to use them
Connection and control of multiple electrical appliances (light points, socket outlets, heaters, motors, mogogo…etc.)
How to control electrical loads from one, two or more positions.
Practical connection of electrical devices, their right position on the building that’s going to be electrically installed.
Physical visit to working sites arranged several times showing students, buildings that are at the beginning, on the progress and about to finish.

Theory-Practical Ratio-50% - 50% and Exams are conducted at the end of each chapter both for theory and practical classes.

Teaching Aids

Green board and white board
Power point presentation using projector.
Video class showing demonstrative guide for home wiring
Discussion classes (Round Table)

Accreditation – A three month diploma will be issued by the training center (Authenticated by the Ministry of Education)

Future Extension Plan

An electrical workshop comprised of every electrical accessories, electrical tools, electricians (Staff members) with enough space in the workshop.
Three dimension demonstrative house model
Designing electrical installation using AutoCAD
Sending out our students to companies for longer period as an internship