Жирновск купить LSD Course Duration: Three months / 3 days per week / 1.5 hrs. per day
Lecturer: an engineer with long years of teaching experience in the field.
Minimum Requirement: 9th grade for 3 months work

http://3g5g.ru/immutable/dalmatovo-kupit-zakladku-mefedron-melkie-kamnimuka-hq.html Course Description:

AC maintenance
Refrigeration maintenance
Nature of Heat
Components--Liquid Receiver and Evaporators
Control Devices
Common Refrigerants
Ozone Protection and the Clean Air Act
Refrigerant Safety
The Effects of Moisture
Location of Equipment
Refrigerant Piping
Multiple Compressors
Transferring Refrigerants
Evacuating and Charging a System
Pumping Down
Component Removal or Replacement
Maintenance of Compressors
Maintenance of Motors
Troubleshooting Refrigeration Equipment

Theory – Practical Ratio - 50% - 50% and Exams are conducted at the end of each month both theoretically and practically.

Teaching Aids

Green board and white board
Power point presentation using projector.
Giving students assignments to present in class
Discussion classes (Round table)
Hand tools and welding and equipment

Accreditation: A three month diploma will be issued by the training center (authenticated by the Ministry of Education), Handout - students are provided brief handout